El País falls short of elusive misspelling trifecta


Well-known style guide peddler El País managed to spell “foreign” three different ways — once correctly, yes — in an article that has languished uncorrected for more than two years. Extra points for misspelling the first word of the goddamn title.




Shoop ’til you droop

Hat tip to alert reader Tim Barton for time-travelling back to May to take this photo of an interview on TV3.

131128_324_personal shooper

Tim hypothesizes that this is a hypercorrection of sorts. The writer knows you have to double something, but was it the consonant or the vowel? Screw it, it’s Friday… S-H-O-O-P-E-R. Close enough!

Whisful thinking

131128_El Periódico_whisful thinking_

The typo that finally sent me over the edge. Voilà, this blog! Is it “whisful” to think it might make any difference?

What makes this happen? Just running the spellchecker would do the trick, for “whisful” is not a word. Do we have an overconfident writer who’s too good for copy-and-paste? Too good for Google, even?

Source: http://www.elperiodico.com/es/noticias/internacional/comparando-2875129

UPDATE: Photos of the print edition reveal a situation direr than heretofore imagined. “Whisful thinking” appears on the same page with two other glaring bloopers:

1) The Scottish municipality of Fort William is referred to as “Ford William” (despite being spelled correctly on an inset map on the previous page, AHEM!); and
2) That friendly-looking fellow in the blue T-shirt is important enough to be interviewed by El Periódico but not important enough for El Periódico to bother spelling his name correctly. Well, they probably spell it correctly at least once: he goes from being “Alan Lawson” to being “Allan” and finally back to “Alan” again.





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