Here is a photo of the TVE1 news from late November, submitted by reader MJS:

131209a Cup&Cackes

This improbable clusterfuck of a typo is a gift that keeps on giving. Shall we break it down?

1) Nice try writing “cupcakes”! (Possibly related to Spaniards’ congenital inability to distinguish between cupcakes and muffins?)
2) “Cackes” puts a nice scatological spin on things. MJS notes that, in her native Australia, “cacking” is slang for laughing so hard that one nearly soils one’s pants, which is precisely what she did before reaching for the TiVo.
3) Whence the rogue ampersand? Aha! The real name of the baked-goods fair in question is BCN&CAKE. Therefore, even if TVE1 had succeeded at spelling “cupcake,” they still would have failed miserably at conveying any accurate information.

Diagnosis: A perfect storm of overconfidence, underknowledge, ampersand drift, forgetting how to Google, and generally not giving a shit.


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