Gold star for La Vanguardia

On 19 January, La Vanguardia ran a piece entitled “Mejorar la gestión del ‘big data’ en la nube.” As the headline suggests, the article was rife with techy Anglicisms, which were handled with surprising care. Let us admire this rare orthographic tour de force:

star-up full article_

Congratulations to writer Joaquim Elcacho for raising the bar!

Sadly, wedged beneath the main article was a highlight box written by an unpaid intern locked in La Vanguardia‘s basement without access to dictionaries, the Internet or running water:

star-up highlight box incorrect spelling_

Just inches away, in the main article, both words are spelled correctly.

Good job, team!

Hat tip to eagle-eyed reader MJS for the photos.


2 thoughts on “Gold star for La Vanguardia

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