Fuck the EU

Pop quiz: Name the U.S. Ambassador to Ukraine.

It’s not a household name, by any stretch. The gentleman in question might have lived out his days in relative diplomatic obscurity had he not become embroiled in last week’s superbly entertaining “Fuck the EU” scandal.

And so, readers of Saturday’s La Vanguardia could be forgiven for their confusion after turning to p. 2 and seeing the ambassador identified, first in an editorial, as “Geoffrey Pyatt”…

Fuck the EU

…and just inches away, in the asinine red/green stoplight feature, as “Geoffrey Patt.”

Fuck the EU_2

Undeterred, the reader seeks further enlightenment on p. 6, where it is clarified, twice, that the poor sap on the receiving end of Victoria Nuland’s fiery tongue was, in fact, Geoffrey Patt.

Fuck the EU_4

Fuck the EU_5

Here’s the twist. As is supremely easy to verify, the U.S. Ambassador to Ukraine is actually Geoffrey Pyatt. Only once, in Màrius Carol’s editorial, did La Vanguardia actually get it right.

Perhaps Mr. Carol’s obvious talent for hectoring would be better deployed against own staff.

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