Dacing with the Hoff

Bottomless douchebag David Hasselhoff was recently interviewed by El País. Readers looking for new reasons to dislike the actor were not disappointed.

Against all odds, the most annoying part of the piece was not a Hasselhoff quote but an unforced error by El País. Midway through a litany of Hasselhoff’s latter-day income sources appears the name of a talent show from which the actor was summarily dispatched a few years ago:


To be blunt: this is not even a serious attempt to write the program’s name. The definite article is blithely omitted, the gerund transformed into a non-word.

I don’t expect the writer to know English, let alone follow Dancing with the Stars. But an occasional gesture towards copyediting would be most welcome. In this case, virtually any imaginable tactic—spellchecking, Googling, visiting the Hoff’s Wikipedia page—would have saved the day.

And would it kill you to use italics consistently? Seriously—you people sell style guides?


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