A titanic blunder

A clear winner has emerged in yesterday’s European Parliament election: 324.cat.

In its coverage of the UK electoral results, Catalonia’s finest news source has somehow reimagined David Cameron’s first name as J-A-M-E-S.

James Cameron

[stunned silence, followed by the sound of jaws dropping]

According to 324.cat, the Prime Minister of the United Kingdom is… very famous filmmaker (and Canadian citizen) James Cameron.

Who needs fact-checking when you can scrape by on vaguely remembered factoid fragments?

Thanks, Tim.


Check yourselfs

Let’s just throw this onto the mounting pile of evidence that the sole utility of La Vanguardia is keeping calçots warm.

Selfs made men

Wheight whatchers

Hypercorrectors can really toy with your emotions!

When I see something like this…

wheight talk

…my first instinct is to give the writer a big hug, followed by several hours of remedial English lessons. This personunlike some—is actually trying. She is (over)eager to apply (perceived) rules, but we can work on that! I feel a big jumble of sadness, pity and protectiveness.

Then I remember how goddamn easy it is to spellcheck, and I’m right back to righteous indignation.

Thanks to reader LV for keeping an eye on La Vanguardia.



May the forces be with you

Legendary directors Georges Lucas are 70 today [sic, sic, sic]!

Georges Lucas

Spotted in today’s La Vanguardia by huge nerd OC.

The utter indifference of Màrius Carol

The 217-day siege of Mafeking was a pivotal episode in the Second Boer War that ended in a decisive victory for the British and made a national hero of Robert Baden-Powell. The site of the siege, now a provincial capital of South Africa, has been known by various namesMafeking, Mafikeng, Mahikeng—but never by the one Màrius Carol used in his editorial in La Vanguardia on Friday. Not even close.


What factors conspired to allow this blemish to appear under the name, signature and photo of the paper’s editor-in-chief?

We propose several possible explanations, in ascending order of likelihood:

1. La Vanguardia does not actually have an editor-in-chief; “Màrius Carol” is the pseudonym of an organ grinder monkey with a typewriter who, until last Friday, had been on a lucky streak.

2. Màrius Carol is a double agent for El Foreing Office.

3. Nobody copyedited this editorial.

4. Somebody copyedited the editorial but let the typo slide so as not to irk the boss.

5. The correct spelling of “Mafeking” is a matter of utter indifference to Màrius Carol. So obscure is the siege to all but the slimmest fraction of La Vanguardia‘s readership that he fears no reprisal. Nor does he feel guilty about misinforming the populace; his mention of the siege is but a pawn in the service of his greater point aboutno less!the indispensability of newspapers and the extent to which readers are prepared to overlook their shortcomings. He regards La Vanguardia‘s readers as unlettered rubes on whom factual accuracy would be wasted. The copyeditor is also an unlettered rube, and a lazy one at that.
Special thanks to JM, a member of that slimmest fraction.


Adventures in neologism

From yesterday’s La Vanguardia:




A portmanteau of “stagnation,” “inflation” and “close enough!”