Verbing Marvin Gaye

YES! “Marvin Gaye” really ought to be a verb. La Vanguardia is onto something.

Marving Gaye


Some free advice

If you are assigned to cover a Miley Cyrus concert, it is best to avoid letting Miley appear more literate than you.

Wreking Ball

From yesterday’s La Vanguardia.

Today in NOPE!

What’s the name of that senator from Kentucky who strongly resembles a turtle?

Mitch McConell

I hope this is the last time I ever have to stick up for Mitch McConnell.

(From Tuesday’s La Vanguardia)

Guiding ligths

—a misspelling so banal that it might as well be added to the next edition of the DRAE.

Having lost all ability to shock, this particular typo would barely merit a mention had it not been handed down from the most prestigious of perches: the editorial introducing La Vanguardia‘s wall-to-wall Juan Carlos coverage, written by editor-in-chief and serial misspeller Màrius Carol.

Heaps of scorn to you, Mr. Carol.

King charming

In the wake of King Juan Carlos’s abdication earlier this week, El País published a 39-page Borbonic plague of monarchical flattery. Having exhausted every other conceivable way of kissing the royal ass, the paper eventually resorted to the gratuitous use of English. Except, oops:


Online version here.