And now for something completely unsurprising

The legendary British comedy troupe Monty Python have reunited for 10 live shows in London. The Spanish papers are covering this news with their characteristic disregard for the fundamentals.

Here’s ABC, with a nice fat typo right in the headline:

Monty Phyton ABC

Diari de Tarragona delivers a one-two punch, also with a daringly large typeface:

Monty Phyton Diari de Tarragona

But the all-around winner, clocking in with one veiled swipe about John Cleese’s potbelly and a whopping FIVE typos, is El Correo‘s longtime UK correspondent, Iñigo Gurruchaga.

Monty Phyton El Correo

Esteemed journalists, on behalf of the English language, I apologize for all the crazy tasks the letter h is expected to perform (i.e., everything but remain silent). But it’s getting you in all sorts of trouble (see herehere and especially here), so please: just Google it.


Thanks to alert readers Chris Pellow and KO for the photos.



4 thoughts on “And now for something completely unsurprising

  1. You may want to add some material on this one. Diari de Tarragona has corrected the main headline, perhaps thanks to one of the comments, but the sub-heading remains. Later on in the article we have the neologism “montyphytiana”, and then “Python” spelt correctly, followed by “Pythonescos”.

    The ABC article makes for even more interesting reading. Check out the variant spellings of Stephen in the third paragraph.

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  3. I kind of like “phyton”. Comedy of the absurd is so yesterday. This makes them sound like a newly discovered particle… Very science-y.

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