A friendly reminder about large type

If you’re a newspaper of middling repute, you obviously can’t be bothered to copyedit every single word hastily crammed into your pages on a given day! You have to optimize the deployment of your piteously meager copyediting resources. One clever tactic is to use the words printed in larger type as a decoy: if the title, photo captions and pull quotes all pass muster, chances are no one will notice that the article itself is a cesspool of illiteracy.

But La Vanguardia has it all backwards!

In the example below, “Andrew” and “Faulkner” are spelled correctly throughout the body of the text, but the reader’s attention is derailed by the big fat “Adrew” and “Folkner”. (Seriously—Folkner!?)

Adrew & Folkner




Bear Stears

And worse yet—in the title!

Sillicon Valley

Please, La Vanguardia. Stop shooting yourself in the foot and use the large type to your advantage.


One thought on “A friendly reminder about large type

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