Prepare to wince

From today’s La Vanguardia:

fish and xips

“Xips,” sure. But “fish and xips“?

Honest question: Is there any possible justification for this, buried in some style guide or Catalan dictionary?


4 thoughts on “Prepare to wince

  1. There is an excuse. La Vanguardia’s Catalan edition is machine translated from Spanish. The Spanish refers to computer chips as “chips”, the translation of which is “xips”. For what it’s worth, some would argue that it should be written “txips”, since the English “ch” sound is represented in Catalan by “tx”, not “sh”, hence “República txeca”, not “xeca”.

  2. Makes sense, but if it’s italicized, I would still argue that they should use the original English spelling. “Fish and” is clearly English — why quit partway through the phrase? This is a case of sloppy post-machine-translation editing.

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