Twysted syster

Whoopi Goldberg was in Barcelona last week to attend the premiere of the musical Sister Act at the Tívoli Theater.

El País followed La Vanguardia’s lead and completely ignored the content of the accompanying photo while writing the headline.

Syster Act

After leading off with a zinger like that, what can you do but abandon all pretense? Behold the remainder of the article:

Twiter bulling


Entertaiment Steven Spilberg

The most egregious of these bloopers has since been removed from the online version of the article, which has been appended with an apologetic correction.*

* Haha, just kidding! Corrections are for wimps.



Unforced error of the day

The article pictured below is about Monty Python in only the most tenuous metaphorical sense, but that didn’t stop El Periódico from trying to put the comedy group’s name in the headline.

Monty Phyton

In so many ways, the Pythons are the gift that keeps on giving.

UPDATE: Confusion reigns at the Foreing Office after the discovery of a typo-free Spanish version.


Thanks to the sublimely observant Tim Barton for the photo.

The storied Waldford Astoria

La Vanguardia reports today that the Hilton hotel chain has agreed to sell a landmark New York property: “el conocido hotel Waldford Astoria.”

As we’ve come to expect from La Vanguardia, this factoid is conveyed in a typeface that dwarfs the words WALDORF ASTORIA emblazoned in gold letters on the hotel’s facade, right there in the paper’s own photo.

Waldford Astoria_

Before the sun had set on La Vanguardia‘s October 7th edition, the typo had already been scrubbed from the online version of the article, confirming our long-held suspicion that the paper’s print version is just a rough draft for the web archives.


Spotted by ever-vigilant reader JM.

Soft skills

Here’s, reporting on Microsoft’s announcement of the new Windows 10 operating system:
If this quote is accurate, it’s time for Microsoft to fire the PR guy with the drinking problem.


Thanks to tipster Tim Barton.