Shope ’til you drope

Happy Black Friday, world!

The shoppers are shopping, but readers of Diari de Sabadell are…

Shoping Night

What is it about shopping that causes so much trouble?


Spotted by Tim, reader of the weirdest papers.


Happy Thanksgiving

What are you thankful for on this fourth Thursday of November?

The Minister of Foreing Affairs is thankful for El País

Barack Obama yesterday took time away from more pressing matters to pardon two turkeys, Mac and Cheese, and El País took space away from more pressing stories to cover the charade. But not only that:

Mac y Chesse

Most things are worth doing because they’re hard, but this blog is worth writing only because it’s so easy.

Thank you, El País.


Reader AL is in critical condition today after attempting to gouge out his own eyes. Witnesses say the self-injury was prompted by exposure to this article in El País. 


Haven’t we seen this somewhere before?

Oh my Gogh!

Former Australian prime minister Gough Whitlam died last week at the age of 98.

In an homage to Whitlam in La Vanguardia, writer John William Wilkinson chastises the Spanish press for failing to note the passing of this political giant and casts his own piece as a necessary corrective.

This, dear reader, is that piece:

Gogh Whitlam

Scanned by the wonderful JM. 


Whigging out

Every Spanish writer has been there: four paragraphs into a piece and desperate to throw in some clever synonyms.

Let’s say you’re writing for El País about Ed Miliband and the Labour Party. You can only use the word “laborista” so many times without looking like a lowbrow ignoramus. Time to spice things up!

PRO TIP: Make sure your “synonym” does not actually refer to a completely different (and defunct) political ideology.

Miliband Whig ________________________________________________

First contribution by AL!