El Periódico: “Rodrigo Rata” is newsworthy

With no discernible sense of irony, El Periódico has decided that the now-infamous “Rodrigo Rata” typo in the Irish Times was not only amusing but newsworthy enough to merit coverage in its hallowed pages.

Rodrigo Rata El Periódico

Let it be noted: El Periódico’s own track record of headline howlers includes this little number involving public figures vastly more beloved than Rodrigo Rato. How did the paper proceed once apprised of that error? By shoving it down the memory hole without explanation.

Apparently, when El Periódico screws up, it’s routine, unremarkable, the cost of doing business. When someone else screws up… it’s news!

Now, let’s zoom in on this bit:

Rodrigo Rata El Periódico zoom

Consider that for a moment. What role could Google Traslator [SIC!] possibly play in the news-writing process? Has El Periódico tipped its hand? I shudder to think what goes on in their newsroom.


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