Go home, La Vanguardia, you’re drunk

Reader AL submitted this gem from La Vanguardia:

Nigel Narage

I had hoped to make a lame joke involving the word “garage” and just be done with it…

…but then I discovered that, since AL‘s submission, the online version of the article has been decaying like some sort of radioactive isotope.

Let’s play “spot the differences”!

They’ve given up on getting “Nigel Farage” right, settling instead for getting “Reino Unido” wrong:

Ukip en el reino unid

And what about the “diario digital” mentioned in the article? In AL‘s image, this source is (correctly) cited as “Greek Reporter”; online, as of right now, it is:

Green Repórter

Besides all that, vowels, punctuation marks and capital letters have flown off the page in astonishing numbers:

vowels and punctuation

WTF?? Most online articles are self-healing, not self-destructing.



You had one job!

Dammit, La Vanguardia. You’ve had six years to memorize the 11 letters that represent the world’s most powerful human. Is that so much to ask?

Barak Obama


Now that’s ugly

The folks at El País were awfully certain of this double g in “Ugly Betty.” Rather than copying and pasting the show’s correct title from any of 1.5 million locations across the Internet, they typed it out with their dainty little fingertips… TWICE.

Uggly Betty 1

Uggly Betty 2

Spotted by alert reader AM.


Thank you for flying with…?

Cue the sad trombone! El Correo is reporting on the airline industry… and rebranding the UK’s flag carrier.



Spotted by El Correo nemesis Chris Pellow.


Never gets old

Thanks, El País, for this shout-out to our sister publication—

Foreing Affairs

—the world’s foremost journal on all things foreing!