Pure goald

Goald Coast_1

Here’s a story in La Vanguardia that was basically lifted from the Daily Mail. Inauspicious provenance duly noted. The reader calibrates her expectations of journalistic quality accordingly. And yet, La Vanguardia manages to disappoint:

Goald Coast_2

For a fleeting moment, the Daily Mail looks like a paragon of integrity.



A star-t is born


The letters are all in the right order. And yet…


We already knew that the Spanish papers were a little starstruck, but yesterday’s La Vanguardia took it to the next level.

Jetting off to the tropics

Today’s joke is brought to you by tipster Chris Pellow:

El Correo yesterday announced the long-awaited resumption of British Airways flights from Bilbao to Britain’s hottest airport.”



Thongue thwister redux

Yesterday’s El País featured an important update on the dealings of the world’s oldest sovereign wealth fund:

Kuwait Investment Autorithy

The paper seems to have inherited La Vanguardia‘s legendarily permissive spellchecking dictionary.