Bussiness as usual

Barcelona mayor Ada Colau smirks across the page—and across the Barcelona cityscape—at a wholly avoidable blooper. It’s like she can actually hear the typo coming at her in the interview question.

Bussiness Plan

Ara, 20 June, p. 6

Spotted by MJS.


Very mad banners

Prolific actor Christopher Lee died last week at age 93. It is generally inadvisable, when paying tribute to one legend, to make a spoonerism of another. But hey—everyone mourns differently! Ladies and gentlemen, El Mundo:





Pinnacles of human ingenuity: a partial list

* Saturn V rocket
* 3-D printing
* The Pill
* Sporks
* Teflon®
* That device sitting in your pocket right now that would not let you spell “Washington” like this if your life depended on it:


Looks like our friends at El País have gone paleo!