The trouble with El Correo

Fans of awkward mutes will be disappointed to learn that Mr. Bean is not, in fact, returning to television, El Correo‘s headline notwithstanding.

Who, then, is returning to television? Some actor named “Rotwan Atkinson.” The face looks familiar, but the name…

Rotwan Atkinson
Photo courtesy of alert reader Chris Pellow.


Like a virus

The PSC’s Miquel Iceta kicked off his campaign last week with a little dance to the tune of Queen’s “Don’t Stop Me Now.” By now you already know this. Why? Because video of Iceta’s jig—variously described as endearingly nerdy and world-endingly shameful—quickly spread across the Internet, and with it spread the shares and the mentions and the hashtags. We have a nice term for this in English—trending topic—and therefore all other languages on earth are automatically relieved of the burden of coining their own terms.

And so it happened that La Vanguardia covered the story—not of Iceta’s dance but of the viral phenomenon that followed it. And wouldn’t you know it:

Trendig topic

We really don’t mind if you borrow our words, but please treat them nicely or we’ll take them back.


h/t @KateSB