If you’ve spent enough time in Spain to acquire newspaper-level reading comprehension skills, you’re familiar with the Spanish media’s uncanny ability to misspell foreign words and phrases. Spanish journalists routinely throw up their hands in defeat when confronted with a foreign word, however straightforward. It is regarded as an insurmountable obstacle, not worth Googling, and certainly not worth firing up the goddamn spellchecker.

They are equal-opportunity butchers of all foreign languages, but their offenses against English are especially shocking. Are they not embarrassed to botch a language so widely understood? Do they think English is some obscure tongue that nobody can read anyway?

Spanish journalists, you can do better. Indeed, you could hardly do worse. The standards of journalistic integrity you uphold in the production of your habitual drivel are clearly insufficient. Perhaps it will help to know that the foreigners are laughing at you.

This blog is meant to prod you in the right direction and, in the meantime, to get some cheap laughs at your expense.