A brigde too far

From yesterday’s El Correo: 


As tipster CP notes, “It must be right, because it appears twice.”


Bussiness as usual

Barcelona mayor Ada Colau smirks across the page—and across the Barcelona cityscape—at a wholly avoidable blooper. It’s like she can actually hear the typo coming at her in the interview question.

Bussiness Plan

Ara, 20 June, p. 6

Spotted by MJS.

Very mad banners

Prolific actor Christopher Lee died last week at age 93. It is generally inadvisable, when paying tribute to one legend, to make a spoonerism of another. But hey—everyone mourns differently! Ladies and gentlemen, El Mundo:





Pinnacles of human ingenuity: a partial list

* Saturn V rocket
* 3-D printing
* The Pill
* Sporks
* Teflon®
* That device sitting in your pocket right now that would not let you spell “Washington” like this if your life depended on it:


Looks like our friends at El País have gone paleo!

Never heard of that one

No wonder you’re still unemployed. You’ve been posting your CV in all the wrong places!



Priceless insider advice from El País.

Pure goald

Goald Coast_1

Here’s a story in La Vanguardia that was basically lifted from the Daily Mail. Inauspicious provenance duly noted. The reader calibrates her expectations of journalistic quality accordingly. And yet, La Vanguardia manages to disappoint:

Goald Coast_2

For a fleeting moment, the Daily Mail looks like a paragon of integrity.


A star-t is born


The letters are all in the right order. And yet…


We already knew that the Spanish papers were a little starstruck, but yesterday’s La Vanguardia took it to the next level.