The mind boogles

Today, Google, a search engine, posted a Doodle to mark the anniversary of the first successful expedition to the South Pole.

Shortly thereafter, El País, one big unedited blog based somewhere in Spain, commemorated this commemoration with a short article designed primarily to take up space.


Readers who proceed to the end of the first paragraph…


…and click on that second “doddle” will discover that El País knows perfectly well how to spell “doodle” but just can’t be bothered today.

[Ed. note: With the world rapidly spiraling to an end on multiple fronts, could anything possibly matter less? And yet…]

h/t @daancu, ever vigilant at the orthographic barricades


Pinnacles of human ingenuity: a partial list

* Saturn V rocket
* 3-D printing
* The Pill
* Sporks
* Teflon®
* That device sitting in your pocket right now that would not let you spell “Washington” like this if your life depended on it:


Looks like our friends at El País have gone paleo!

Never heard of that one

No wonder you’re still unemployed. You’ve been posting your CV in all the wrong places!



Priceless insider advice from El País.

Thongue thwister redux

Yesterday’s El País featured an important update on the dealings of the world’s oldest sovereign wealth fund:

Kuwait Investment Autorithy

The paper seems to have inherited La Vanguardia‘s legendarily permissive spellchecking dictionary.

Now that’s ugly

The folks at El País were awfully certain of this double g in “Ugly Betty.” Rather than copying and pasting the show’s correct title from any of 1.5 million locations across the Internet, they typed it out with their dainty little fingertips… TWICE.

Uggly Betty 1

Uggly Betty 2

Spotted by alert reader AM.


Never gets old

Thanks, El País, for this shout-out to our sister publication—

Foreing Affairs

—the world’s foremost journal on all things foreing!

By the dozen

Two knives, one knife. Two wives, one wife. Two twelves…


It’s a singular 12, see? Don’t overthink it. If you stare too long at the word “twelve” it will make you insane.