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By what abbreviation is the largest American gun rights lobbying group commonly known?

Hint: the full name of said organization is National Rifle Association.

Tick-tock, tick-tock, tick-tock… Still not sure?


Congratulations to La Vanguardia for possibly the greatest use of the phrase “por sus siglas en inglés” in the history of journalism.

Photo courtesy of eagle-eyed gun-control advocate KF.


How to issue a correction

Much has happened since 324 posted this piece about the death of Cecil the lion in Zimbabwe. Notably, we have learned that Cecil’s killer was not, as initially rumored, some unidentified Spaniard, but rather a dentist from Minnesota. On that front, anyway, the facts have been clarified. But, three days later, 324‘s piece persists in identifying their source at Hwange National Park by the following jumble of letters:


As any thinking person could surmise, the source’s name is actually Johnny Rodrigues. Why hasn’t this been corrected, 324? You can’t be bothered? It’s not important? You don’t want to clutter up this otherwise pristine piece of reportage by appending a correction? Whatever the reason, you’re dead wrong. Issuing a correction is classy and—in case you’re worried—easy as hell to do. Here’s how it’s done at a publication that takes the content of its stories seriously:


It can be done!


Hat tip to outraged wildlife lover Tim Barton.


UPDATE: As if to prove my own point, I find myself obliged to issue the following…

Correction: August 6, 2015 
An earlier version of this post referred to Cecil the lion as “the Cecil the lion.” We regret the error, but it won’t kill us to ‘fess up and fix it.

Thank you for flying with…?

Cue the sad trombone! El Correo is reporting on the airline industry… and rebranding the UK’s flag carrier.



Spotted by El Correo nemesis Chris Pellow.


Whigging out

Every Spanish writer has been there: four paragraphs into a piece and desperate to throw in some clever synonyms.

Let’s say you’re writing for El País about Ed Miliband and the Labour Party. You can only use the word “laborista” so many times without looking like a lowbrow ignoramus. Time to spice things up!

PRO TIP: Make sure your “synonym” does not actually refer to a completely different (and defunct) political ideology.

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