Deep thoughts

On Saturday, La Vanguardia almost got through this one-paragraph note on red-hot art news without embarrassment.


Johnny Deep


Spotted by deep thinker MJS.


The Pitts

The Minister of Foreing Affairs returns from self-imposed exile today to bring you a gift from the heavens.

Feast your eyes on this fine specimen from yesterday’s La Vanguardia:

Bratt Pitt

I mean, Brat Pitt

Or is it Bard Pitt?

No, actually, it’s:

Bratt Pitt_

What they’ve done to Marion Cotillard’s name pales in comparison and I won’t even mention it.


Photo courtesy of excellent punctuator AL.

Today in NOPE!

By what abbreviation is the largest American gun rights lobbying group commonly known?

Hint: the full name of said organization is National Rifle Association.

Tick-tock, tick-tock, tick-tock… Still not sure?


Congratulations to La Vanguardia for possibly the greatest use of the phrase “por sus siglas en inglés” in the history of journalism.

Photo courtesy of eagle-eyed gun-control advocate KF.

Like a virus

The PSC’s Miquel Iceta kicked off his campaign last week with a little dance to the tune of Queen’s “Don’t Stop Me Now.” By now you already know this. Why? Because video of Iceta’s jig—variously described as endearingly nerdy and world-endingly shameful—quickly spread across the Internet, and with it spread the shares and the mentions and the hashtags. We have a nice term for this in English—trending topic—and therefore all other languages on earth are automatically relieved of the burden of coining their own terms.

And so it happened that La Vanguardia covered the story—not of Iceta’s dance but of the viral phenomenon that followed it. And wouldn’t you know it:

Trendig topic

We really don’t mind if you borrow our words, but please treat them nicely or we’ll take them back.


h/t @KateSB

Pure goald

Goald Coast_1

Here’s a story in La Vanguardia that was basically lifted from the Daily Mail. Inauspicious provenance duly noted. The reader calibrates her expectations of journalistic quality accordingly. And yet, La Vanguardia manages to disappoint:

Goald Coast_2

For a fleeting moment, the Daily Mail looks like a paragon of integrity.


A star-t is born


The letters are all in the right order. And yet…


We already knew that the Spanish papers were a little starstruck, but yesterday’s La Vanguardia took it to the next level.

Do your dutty

Massimo Dutti is owned by Inditex, the fashion behemoth founded by Spain’s richest man, the elusive blazzillionaire Amancio Ortega. With hundreds of locations on prestigious retail streets across Spain, Massimo Dutti itself is anything but elusive. In fact, there is a Massimo Dutti directly across the street from La Vanguardia‘s offices on Barcelona’s Avinguda Diagonal.

So what, exactly, is this garbage?

Massimo Dutty

Go downstairs. Squint in the sun. Apply SPF 50 to your pasty, malnourished face. Look both ways. Cross the street. I hope you brought your notepad! There it is, a shining beacon of hope:

Massimo Dutti

M-A-S-S-I-M-O … D-U-T-T-I. Congratulate yourself on this feat of shoe-leather reporting and quickly retreat to the mother ship.

Or, I don’t know, Google it?

Or look at the next sentence of your own damn article?

Massimo Dutti

Anything! Just do your duty!

Brought to you by MJS.